Overseas Mission

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EarAid Nepal:  Ear Aid Nepal exists to support work with those who have conditions affecting the ear in Nepal.  For more details click here

OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship):  Serving the church and bringing the gospel to many of the countries in East Asia.  OMF has a pioneering ministry in the rest. Helping place Christians with professional skills in China and other Asian countries, and sharing the love of Christ with East Asians worldwide.  For more details click here

CMS (Church Mission Society):  CMS vision is to see all God’s people engaged in God’s mission, bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world.  For more details click here

Action Aid:  Join us for a friendly chat over coffee or tea and tempting cakes in the North Aisle of the Church on Saturday mornings.  Refreshments are available from 10.30 to 11.30am. Profits are donated to Action Aid. ActionAid works for a world where the most vulnerable and forgotten can become valued and powerful. Their top priority is to end the inequality that keeps women and girls locked in poverty, and to restore the rights denied them from birth.  They want to see women and girls out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.  For more details click here

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