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In order to provide the best service many companies and service providers now invite feedback by way of a survey. The data provided is used to improve both what they offer as well as how.

We would really value your comments because as your local parish church our desire is to serve the community and provide the opportunity for worship and reflection.

Thank you in anticipation of your help. Alison

When you hear the word 'church' are your thoughts:*
If positive, why?:
If negative, why?:
I used to go to church but go no longer because:*
I would be interested in coming to church if:*
The thing that would help me spiritually would be:*
Please list any ways you feel we as the church could better serve you and the community:
If you would like to discuss further how we can serve better serve our community please leave your name, number and/or email address and we will contact you.:
Please enter the verification number on the right:*
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