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The Terrorism in London and Manchester and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy:  Recent attacks in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge and the fire at the Kensington Tower Block have led a number of our congregation to ask what the church can do and why all this has happened.  It's difficult to give an answer, but we can be sure that God is there alongside those who suffer and we can pray that he will give support as necessary.  This poem, written by a local resident, has helped some people:

Why do bad things happen
When You could intervene?
It makes me feel such sadness
My heart is crushed within
There are so many questions
The pain is hard to bear
I ask that all who hurt, Lord
Will really know You're there

When we feel like crying
And it all seems so unfair
Please hold us in Your arms, Lord
And show us that You care
'Man of Sorrows' You are called
Our distress You understand
So please be there beside us
Holding out Your hand.

Written by Jane Smith

A Place of Welcome:  St Francis Church will be open as a place of welcome every Friday morning from 10am to 12 noon.  This is an opportunity for people to talk with others.  WiFi, drinks and toys will be available.  We hope that all who visit will find a sense of belonging.

Morning Prayer Services:  Praying in order to listen to God and connect with all that he is doing to transform circumstances throughout the world, is an integral part of the Christian life.  Why not come along to one of these services for a quiet contemplative space with bible readings, liturgy and prayer.  Please note that the Thursday morning prayer at St Francis is now at 9am.  For details of the times and venues for these services click here 

Home Groups - Strengthening Faith:  God is calling us all to continually develop as a Christian and deepen our faith.   There are home groups meeting regularly in the parish and others are planned.  Please speak to either Hazel or Richard and we will give you details of where and when these groups meet.

Regular Family Events:  There are regular Family Events held at St Francis, St Mary's and St John's.  For details of regular events for all the family click here

Upcoming Concerts at St Francis:
10th August at 12.30pm - Organ Recital by Peter de Croos
21st September at 12.30pm - Students from Langley Park Schools

Inquisitive?  - A series of three evenings to discuss the big - and not so big - questions of life:  Life can be chaotic and a chance to stop and think is a rare thing.  Inquisitive? is joint initiaitive with St Francis, St Mary's and St John's Churches.  It's a discussion-based evening for people outside the church, where they can explore some of the questions of life.  Things like, ‘Can you live a good life without God?’ and ‘Is truth a straight - jacket or a liberator?’  It's being held on Thursday evenings 12th October, 9th November and 7th December from 8pm to 10pm in 'SJ's' 56 Croydon Road, Coney Hall.  Over the summer, please think of people you would like to invite and make them aware of the dates.  We will be providing proper invites after the summer for you to give out.

The Diocesan Spirituality Day this year is on Saturday, 21st October 10 am to 4 pm at Southwark Cathedral.  The day is entitled “Engaging Spirituality for Contemporary Life: A day conference on the rhythms of Christian life today.” There will be talks, workshops, bookstalls, resources, etc.  If you are interested in booking or would like to know more, please contact Rowena Griffiths on: 020 8777 6112 or   If we can get a Parish Group of 5 or more we can get a discount.

Donations for Croydon Refugee Day Centre:  Non perishable foods and items of clothing for the refugees can be left in the box at the back of the church.   For more information about the centre click here

Donations for Good Shepherd Mission to The Homeless:  The project needs items of men's clothing especially shirts, T-shirts, trousers/jeans, hats, scarves and shoes.  If you have any of these items to spare, please speak to Brian Griffiths.  For more information on the mission please click here

Latest news from our link parish in Zimbabwe click here.  For news of the Croydon/Zimbabwe Link click here

Prayer Ministry - for more detail click here


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